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With a brand awareness level in excess of 80 percent, BIRKENSTOCK is one of the top five global footwear brands. With around 3,000 employees, this traditional, sixth-generation family concern is also one of the German footwear industry’s biggest employers. The company’s historic roots can be traced as far back as 1774. BIRKENSTOCK used the term ‘footbed’ as far back as the 1930s, helping to shape the way it is used today. BIRKENSTOCK became a global player by the late 1970s. Manufactured in Germany, the sandals are sold in 90 countries on all five continents. In addition to the legendary sandals, BIRKENSTOCK also has a growing range of closed-toe, children’s, and work shoes as well as specialist products for orthopedic retailers. The Group is headquartered in Neustadt (Wied).

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You Have Less Than 24 Hours to Save Big on the Birkenstocks Store Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker Love

Anyone who has slipped their feet into Birkenstocks will probably rave about just how comfortable they are. That's why the brand has built such a loyal customer and celebrity fan base over the years. If you've been buying the same popular double-buckle sandal, it may be time to freshen up your Birks collection with one of its other styles — especially while you can get it on sale.

For a limited time, anyone with a Rue La La membership can score the Birkenstock Madrid sandal for only $56. This is almost 30 percent off the original price, which is one of the lowest we've seen it go for. 

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The Madrid sandal silhouette resembles everyone's favorite Arizona slide, but it has a singular strap that makes it a little sleeker. Like all the brand's shoes, it features the same moldable cork footbed with arch support, a deep heel cup, and a spacious toe box — the trifecta of comfort that makes Birkenstocks so famous.

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The South Korean label reimagines four key Birkenstock silhouettes.

Global lifestyle brand Birkenstock has teamed up with South Korean label ADERERROR on a unisex collection of classic footwear inspired by ski and snow-wear. Taking cues from snow sports, the collaboration sees the brands draw specifically from the technical features of ski boots for a contemporary twist on some of Birkenstock’s signature styles.

Four key silhouettes are given the signature ADERERROR blue, with the ratchet closure on the Gizeh Tech, Arizona Tech and Milano Tech all inspired by the label’s slogan, “But near missed things.” The fourth silhouette in the collection (and easily the most durable) — the A630 PU Clog — arrives in sleek black with a small accent of blue. Made of an oil, water and grease-resistant material, the clog also features a nonslip treaded sole for an extra reliable grip. Each model in the collaboration boasts a co-branded silicone pin, which has been developed in the shape of ADERERROR’s block logo.

The ADERERROR brand is no stranger to collaborations, as its previous partners include the likes of Eastpak, Zara, Casetify and PUMA, alongside four-time collaborator Maison Kitsuné.

The collection is set to pre-launch on ADERERROR’s website on May 19, ahead of its global launch on May 21.

In other collaboration news, check out the latest offering from Nike and Jacquemus.

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Dior X Birkenstock Store Delivers The Most Surprising Collab Of The Year

One of the biggest surprise collaborations to come out of the men’s winter collections was the House of Dior and Birkenstock. Reinventing two of the footwear brand’s classic models, the Milano and Tokio, designer Kim Jones didn’t stray as far as some might think from the codes of the glamorous house. Christian Dior himself was, among many things, an avid gardener. His love of flowers, nature and botany mixed with the legacy that the Birkenstock brothers created, dating as far back as 1774, somehow makes perfect sense. While the Milano was introduced in 1965 a few years after Monsieur Dior’s passing, one could imagine his joy and comfort in his garden wearing these updated classics as he dreamt up the next collection. Luckily, in Jones’ skilled hands, the desire lives on… in Dior Gray, of course.

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ADER error's Four-Piece Birkenstock Outlet Store Collaboration Welcomes Snow Sport Tech Inspirations

Birkenstock became the go-to footwear choice for many of us as we took a slower approach to life over the last few years, but while we all started to chill out, Birkenstock was only starting to ramp things up. Since its rise, the heritage German company has worked with Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Opening Ceremony, and of course, Stüssy. Such an eclectic mix of collaborators enabled Birkenstock to cater to all kinds of trends and feet, and now it has teamed up with South Korea’s ADER error on a four-piece collaboration.

For the partnership, ADER error has chosen to rework the Birkenstock Gizeh, Arizona, Milano, and A630 PU Clog, applying a new “tech” moniker at the end of each shoe’s respective name. The “tech” element comes from ADER error’s customization process, as the core inspiration is drawn from snow sports, specifically ski boots.

Here, the ratchet closure found on Birkenstock’s Gizeh, Arizona, and Milano models are inspired by the ADER error slogan “But near missed things,” while all four pairs feature a co-branded silicone pin in the shape of ADER error’s signature block logo. For the Gizeh, the streetwear brand applies its classic “Z-Blue” hue to the thong of the sandal, crafting this from nubuck leather before adding the Swiss-sourced fastener.

Elsewhere, the Arizona sports a black-grain steer leather construction alongside the aforementioned strap, while the Milano gets treated to a soft, white-grain leather upper. As expected, the clog is made from water, oil and grease-resistant materials that make it impenetrable, coming with a nonslip treaded sole and qualities that make it fit for stringent hygiene standards.

ADER error’s Birkenstock collaboration will pre-launch on May 19 on ADER error and Birkenstock’s websites, before dropping at ADER error’s Korean retail locations on May 20 and globally at selected retailers on May 21. Take a closer look at the collection above.

Elsewhere in the footwear world, here are this week’s biggest sneaker drops.

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Birkenstock Outlet Store Is Selling New Waterproof Birkenstocks for the Whole Family — All Under $40

Even though summer hasn’t officially begun, the rising temperatures outside are creating an itch to get out and spend time in the water. If you’re heading to the pool, beach, lake, or water park with your family, make sure you have a pair of comfortable waterproof shoes in hand. Luckily, if you’re searching to stock up, Birkenstock has a pair of waterproof sandals for the entire family — and they’re all under $40.

Birkenstock is known for crafting comfortable shoes with supportive arches for over 50 years in the United States. Their shoes are made with quality materials that are lasting and durable. You’ve most likely seen some of their best-selling shoes with distinctive leather straps and buckles. Some shopper-loved favorites? The Arizona sandals, made from leather, that glide right onto your feet. Now, some of their most popular styles come in waterproof versions perfect for the whole family. Ahead, see waterproof sandals from Birkenstock available at Nordstrom now.

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The Sandal-Battle Championship: Chaco Versus Birkenstock Outlet Store

It’s a sad day for Teva fans. And given the brand’s huge fan base, that means it’s a sad time for a lot of people: hikers, bikers, climbers, walkers, city dwellers—you name it. Second-seeded Teva triumphed over Rainbow in the first round but couldn’t withstand the Birkenstock wave in the Final Four. It was a close contest, though, with Teva netting just under 44 percent of the vote.

We all have a sports friend who will brag after correctly predicting the outcome of a game, especially if it’s an upset. Yes, very good, Scott, you called it. Well, now you know one more person like that. Not to tell you “I called it!” but I called it. A number-five seed taking down a number-two seed makes this the biggest upset of the tournament. Might you call it the biggest upset of the century? I won’t put words in your mouth. Joking aside, Teva had a good run. The sandal will continue to bridge streetwear and casual recreation with outdoor adventures for years to come. Cheers to you, Teva.

How do you preview a heavyweight bout like this one? The vote comes down to what both sandals represent. “Chaco is the shoe you fasten on for any active summer adventure—rafting, rock scrambling, running away from scary sounds in the night, and pretty much anything that happens in between,” writes associate managing editor Tasha Zemke. “Birks are the shoes you slip on after the day is done and you’re kicking back to unwind. Both equally exceptional in their regards, but distinct, too.” What makes this vote so hard is that Chaco and Birkenstock represent the purest duality: sweaty activities in the sun, and chill time for relaxation afterward. You need both experiences to have a complete day.

I’m not really sure how this one will go down, but there can only be one winner. Birkenstock devotee and podcast producer Maren Larsen expressed a bit of worry going into the championship round: “I just think the Chaco stans are powerful,” she wrote me. She might be onto something, because it seems like Chaco is gaining converts. Outdoor gear group director Will Taylor, perhaps a bit sore from Teva’s exit from the running, is all in on Chaco: “If Birkenstock wins the championship in an outdoor-sandal contest, all hope is lost,” he writes.

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The Best Affordable Birkenstock-Style Sandals Outlet Store, All Under $35

What’s not to love about a classic Birkenstock sandal? They’re comfortable, effortless, casual and versatile. They’re so iconic that even high-end designers knock off the famous Birks design, putting their own spin on the classic at wild markups.

But Birkenstocks themselves are often on the pricey side, making them less accessible to those looking for more affordable alternatives. Luckily, the simple silhouette has been manufactured by many brands, so there are loads of different slides and sandals that perfectly channel that Birkenstock vibe at a fraction of the cost.

These lookalikes have everything you love about Birkenstocks, capturing the aesthetic and feel of some of their most popular styles. Most importantly, they also provide the same comfort and foot support — a must, given that podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks as ideal comfortable walking sandals.

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I don't consider myself a Birkenstock expert but I am a die-hard Birk Enjoyer so I was doubly surprised to see that I missed the quiet relaunch of the Tokio Super Grip, one of the best and most underrated Birkenstock sandals ever made.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I love the Birkenstock Boston but wish that it had a heel strap?" If not, you haven't worn a Boston before. They're fabulous clogs, don't get me wrong, it's just that sometimes I dream of a Boston that stays securely strapped to my heel — getting flashbacks to when the sky opened up and I suddenly had to dash through a downpour, Bostons slapping away.

I was trying to track down a more recent pair of Tokio Super Grips for a while, but gave up 'cuz they were fairly hard to find. The hunt was revitalized a couple years ago when Faye Toogood appeared in a Birkenstock Personality Campaign wearing her well-worn pair (this was prior to the Toogood x Birkenstock collection).

Dissatisfied with the meager selection of vintage and worn-out Tokio Super Grip sandals available online, I gave up. And, of course, that's when they returned.

The Tokio Super Grip has been quietly available on Birkenstock's website for $150 per pair since at least a year or two ago but I never noticed!

Perhaps it's because they were tucked away in the the "Professional" section of Birkenstock's site, redesigned with a treaded Super Grip outsole that gives the style its name, boasting even more slip-resistance than the usual Birkenstock sole unit.

The idea is that the Tokio Super Grip is a hardy slip-on for service professionals who're on their feet all day and it's really just a bonus that the sandal is also a perfect upgrade to the already timeless Boston.

The Tokio Super Grip is, like the recent Birkenstock Outdoor line, a perfect utilitarian upgrade to a perfect shoe. Get used to seeing it, 'cuz there's about to be even more by year's end, I hear.

Note that I don't think the Tokio Super Grip is better than the Boston, just two sides of the same coin. Why choose? You can't have too many Birkenstocks, in my book.

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This is What a Nike x Birkenstock Store Collaboration Could Look Like

For those wondering what a Nike (NYSE:NKE -3.49%x Birkenstock collaboration could look like, Italian graphic designer Davide Perella has put together his take on the team-up. Taking to Instagram, Perella shared an image of a Swoosh-marked Boston clog for curious footwear fans.

The fictional collaboration features a smooth black leather upper accented by a contrasting vamp strap. The strap that provides a secure lockdown comes in white and expresses Nike’s signature Swoosh branding. Finishing up the design of the dream collaboration is the usual cork footbed and a treaded black rubber outsole.

Take a look at the render of what a Nike x Birkenstock collaboration could look like below.

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Birkenstock Outlet Store - here are 14 pairs to free your feet from sneaker prison

If you prefer the traditional leather and cork combination Birkenstock is known for but want something more than the classic Arizona two-strap, the Milano is an excellent choice. Fitted with an oiled nubuck leather upper, Napa leather liner, and metal buckle hardware, the Milano has a very premium feel. Over time, the cork footbed will mold to your feet for long-lasting comfort. ..........Read full article