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Birkenstocks Outfits Store That Are Perfect for Warmer Weather

In 2020, the adage “all dressed up with nowhere to go” took on new meaning. And now that we’ve surpassed a full year in quarantine, I'm sure we can all consider ourselves comfort connoisseurs. But as the most wonderful time of the year approaches (no, not Christmas, but summer), we're faced with the reality that we can no longer hide in our good ol’ Uggs. So ditch your fuzzy friends and meet the Birkenstock, your new warm-weather go-to.

Paired with a trouser and tank, or with sweatpants and socks for those cold summer nights, everyone absolutely needs at least one pair of Birkenstocks in rotation. Donned by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, this critically acclaimed "ugly shoe" has a surprisingly glamorous resumé. From Rick Owens to Proenza Schouler, there have been a number of Birkenstock collaborations with some of the industry’s elite. In March, Birkenstock teamed up with London’s prestige design university, Central Saint Martins, where four fashion students got a chance to reimagine the quirky shoe. Another collab to look forward to features British multidisciplinary artist Faye Toogood. Drawing inspiration from the concept objets trouvés, which translates to natural objects that are found to have aesthetic value, the collection was hand-molded in Faye's studio, fusing her approach to design with Birkenstock's original blueprint.

For me, on occasions where a kitten heel feels over the top, I can simply throw on a pair of Birkenstocks and feel chic. I like to think of Birkenstocks as a way to bring the most stylish outfit back down to earth. When figuring out how to incorporate this must-have wardrobe piece, don't think about it too much; do what feels right. Style is the way you own what you wear. Who would’ve guessed that a sustainable sandal made from cork and jute could mediate the tension between fashion and comfort?


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birkenstock sandals

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