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Birkenstock's Store Most Famous Sandal Is Majorly Marked Down at This Secret Sale

Gilt Birkenstock Sale

What we don't talk about enough is how Ugg season and Birkenstock season are undeniably the same season now that wearing socks with sandals is no longer a taboo (thank you Cindy Crawford). As soon as that crisp fall air hits, throwing on a cozy cardigan, and slipping into a pair of fluffy slides or Ugg boots just feels so comforting. And it's safe to say 2020 and 2021 taught us that there is no such thing as an "ugly" shoe. If it's cozy, it's on our feet. Shame not included.

But because Ugg boots and Birkenstocks are currently in season, they tend to sell out fast and don't even go on sale until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Thankfully, Gilt decided to have a major sale on Birkenstocks today. Its most famous sandal, the Arizona, is now just $70, and a handful of other popular styles like the Birko-Flor, and the Gizeh are majorly marked down, too. 

The Best Birkenstock Deals at Gilt 

  • Arizona Birko-Flor Sandal, $70 (Originally $100)
  • Brown Arizona Sandal, $70 (Originally $100)
  • Arizona Suede Sandal, $110 (Originally $135)
  • Arizona Croc Sandal, $110 (Originally $135)
  • Gizeh Birko-Flor Sandal, $90 (Originally $115)

While Birkenstocks typically retail for $100 - $175 (unless you're Katie Holmes), this sale has nearly every style for under $100, with a couple of pairs going for $109. There's also a Birkenstock suede boot for $146 that's so perfect for fall, we've already added it into our carts. Speaking of suede, the Arizona black suede sandal is just $110. The popular white birko-flor, which everyone seemed to wear to the beach this past summer, is marked down to $70. 

What's particularly interesting about this sale though is the unexpected styles that we don't normally think of when Birkenstocks come to mind. As we've noted, all of the classics are up for grabs. But so is the Birkenstock Boston leather clog, which will no doubt be everywhere soon enough, with the rise in celebrity clog sightings. Ashley Olsen of course was on the cutting edge, but Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon aren't too far behind. 

There's also the Athens leather sandal, which feels like a controversial spring/summer trend in the making, but clearly can also be worn with socks as supermodels have demonstrated. Whatever it is you decide to buy during this under-the-radar Gilt sale, one thing is clear: you can't go wrong. Shop the best Birkenstock deals before everything sells out in 4 days, here. 

More Birkenstock Deals at Gilt  

  • Athens Leather Sandal, $106 (Originally $130)
  • Boston Leather Clog, $120 (Originally $150)
  • Melrose Suede Boot, $146 (Originally $180)
  • Arizona Gleam Sandal, $109 (Originally $135) 
  • Zurich Sandal, $80 (Originally $100)